A lecture will be given separately or in connection with a workshop. A workshop on the other hand is preceded by a lecture. Herein examples of working models are given which can be elaborated in the workshop. The content of lecture and workshop is always adapted to the target audience (conservatoire students, teachers PAE (Part-time Art Education), other interested people). Lectures at conferences can have both a pedagogical or scientific character, depending on the conference theme.

Johanna Maria Roels already gave lectures / masterclasses and workshops in more than 20 countries. Here a selection:

  • - Iceand, Reykjavik, The Academy of the Arts, October 2013
  • - Cyprus, Nicosia, University, September 2011
  • Estonia, Tallinn, Academy of Music and Theatre, November 2009
  • Czech Republic, Prague, Conservatory Jaroslava Jezka, June - July 2009
  • Hungary, Budapest, Toth Aladar Music School, November 2008
  • Russia, Arkhangelsk (Barentzs region), Part-time Art Education, November - December 2007
  • Serbia, Novi Sad, Isidor Bajic Music School: International Congres Epta Serbia - Voyvodina, November 2007
  • - The Netherlands, Tilburg, Fontys Conservatory, July 2006
  • Norway, Hønefoss Ringerike Videregäende Skole, November 2005
  • Belgium, Schoten, Academy GAMW, December 2003